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Bone's Lair Podcast

Welcome to the Bone's Lair Podcast
the #1 "Colostomy Bag Comedy" Talkshow Podcast

Not held back by the FCC or anyone else, Bone, JC, & Boston create hilarious shows every few weeks. Find out just what happens when you lock a couple of egomaniacs in a room and turn on the mics.

Warning: Bone's Lair Contains Explicit Content - Not Work Safe!

Sep 14, 2011

Here's a special (and not in the short bus way) bonus for all you Bone's Lair fans as you await the start of the new season on Bone's Lair.

On 9/11 KnoxComedy Comedians Dave Wright, Alison Martel, Collin Gerberding, Sean Chidester,  Jeff Blank, Justin Koontz and Matt Ward Roasted our much maligned, loved and hated JC. Here it is Uncut. Be sure to check out these and many of the other funny people at