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Bone's Lair Podcast

Welcome to the Bone's Lair Podcast
the #1 "Colostomy Bag Comedy" Talkshow Podcast

Not held back by the FCC or anyone else, Bone, JC, & Boston create hilarious shows every few weeks. Find out just what happens when you lock a couple of egomaniacs in a room and turn on the mics.

Warning: Bone's Lair Contains Explicit Content - Not Work Safe!

May 28, 2010

Ninjas, Squid Sex, Fruit Roll-Up of the Looms, and listener questions. This is a show we didnt record. If you say we did, we will deny it. You have been warned!

May 14, 2010

After the losing the last show the guys are back to prove why they are the #1 Colostomy Bag Comedy Show in the world. Stephen Baldwin, x-ray machines, eels, topless firefighters, Cock Locks,  JC sings and Soooo much more. This is Sparta! Actually It's Bone's Lair!