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Bone's Lair Podcast

Welcome to the Bone's Lair Podcast
the #1 "Colostomy Bag Comedy" Talkshow Podcast

Not held back by the FCC or anyone else, Bone, JC, & Boston create hilarious shows every few weeks. Find out just what happens when you lock a couple of egomaniacs in a room and turn on the mics.

Warning: Bone's Lair Contains Explicit Content - Not Work Safe!

Aug 1, 2015

Fans of the Bone's Lair Comedy Podcast will recognise this episode's guest from his previous appearances as our fill in co/host on the show. Bone and JC "chew the fat" with Sam Donnelly, discussing his latest video project "I'm a fucking comic", and some side topics of gender identities, polygamy, tinder, and...